I have a very strict “no sneak-peek policy”.

I know that anticipation of something so special can just be excruciating. We are definitely living in a “Now” society, where one click on Amazon means our package will be on our doorstep in just two days. But my job isn’t to give you “Now”, my job is to give you “Better”.


We worked hard, you and me, to create these images.

You showed up to your planning session and helped me see your vision. You shopped for the perfect outfits, measured your wall space, and made sure everyone was well rested, had full tummies and was oh-so-happy for your much anticipated photo shoot.

I listened as you told me all about your child’s unique personality and dug deep to see it myself during the photo shoot. I did my best impression of an elephant for your two year old (anything to get the best smile), and I worked for hours to make sure every crumb was photo-shopped off her precious face.

So dear client, all of this planning, prep, and anticipation means that you deserve to see your photos for the first time on my large projection screen which is color calibrated to show you the exact representation of your photos.

You deserve to see your photos without being interrupted to feed/referee/wipe someone (I’ve been there too, mama. I get it.)

And I deserve to see your reaction the first time you see your photos (spoiler alert: you will cry).

So even though I SO desperately want to send you a sneak peek when I come across that one (or 5, or 10) perfect image, I’m going to show restraint.

I’m going to make us both wait. Because dear client, we deserve it.

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This mama to be and her sweet hubby had such a great energy about them. I love it when a couple can come in for a maternity session calm and relaxed – it makes the whole photo shoot go smoothly. I know that can be hard for some people – I get it. You’re nervous about whether or not you’re going to look your best, and you want your photos to come out fabulous. But I’ve said it over and over again, the more relaxed you are when coming in for your photo shoot, the better the photos will be. Stress and tension show up on camera, and you end up not looking like yourself. To get the best expressions, and for that photojournalistic feel, relax. Take a deep breath. Take your time. It’ll pay off, promise.

I always tell my clients “worst case scenario, we have to reshoot.” I know that doesn’t sound like a great option, and no one ever wants that, but it helps to know that if your toddler is having an off day or your newborn just won’t fall asleep, it’s not the end of the world. So come in to the studio like it’s any other day (with a little more makeup) and I’ll be able to catch some great moments between you and your family.

To schedule your maternity session, call the studio at 702.221.2242

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Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we are offering Sweetheart {mini} sessions to help you prepare. Schedule your session for January 22nd and you will receive 25 valentines to share with those you love. All for only $150! Don’t miss out on this sweet deal. Call the studio today to reserve your spot. Spaces are limited. 702.221.2242

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Happy New Year! This year  I am resolving to blog more – last year was just sad in terms of blogging.

And what better way to start the new year than with photos of a new baby?! This precious little newborn baby stole my heart. She slept through the whole photo shoot and let me pose her however I wanted. Even while her big brother and two older cousins were racing around her. She was a dream.

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Welcome back spring. We missed you. To celebrate your return, we will be offering Limited Edition Photo Sessions during the week of March 31st through April 4th. These special sessions will include baby chicks, adding even more cuteness to your photos. Call today to schedule your session as availability is limited. 702.221.2242

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